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ThreeDimSim: Quick tutorial

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We will introduce the main concepts for creating a scene with ThreeDimSim throughout this tutorial. In order to keep this tutorial quick and clear, many details are left out. You can find additional information in the help documentation.



Table of contents

First script
Introduction to the program

Position and move objects
Geometrical issues

Use colors and textures
Modify attributes of objects

Make snapshots and video clips
How to make an animation and export results

First simulation
How to set up a simulation

Create hierarchical models
Build more complicated models

Import and use meshes
Use external defined objects in your simulation

Use Joints
Use joints in different ways

Create user-defined forces
Assign functions to properties

Create diagrams
Measure simulation results and display them in a diagram.

Use video textures
How to use textures based on video clips

Use COM objects
Use com objects for retrieval and saving of external data, for example to databases

Use com controls to add user interface elements that control the script